Kruhome officially registered

Welcome to Kruhome! we are pleased to inform you that Kruhome is now a registered company at the Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Cambodia. We are specialized in properties in Siem Reap province, where we have established a string base. Kruhome works directly with owners of the properties. We only sells or buys properties with…


ទំហំដី​ 8×26ម​ វិឡា​ 5មx15ម​ (ប្លង់រឹង)ផ្លូវទំហំ​ 15ម​ តាមផ្លូវចូលសណ្ឋាគាររីលក់តំលៃ​ 130,000$សូមទំនាក់ទំនងសម្រាប់ព៍តមានបន្ថែម 077754756 Are you coming to Siem Reap? Here are hotels with special deals.

Wooden House for Urgent Sales

ផ្ទះឈេីលក់ប្រញាប់ ទំហំដី​ 21×27ម​ ផ្ទះ​ 6ម​ x​9ម​ មាន​ បន្ទប់គេង​ 2​ បន្ទប់ទឹក3​ ផ្លូវមុខ​ដី​ 8ម​ ប្រភេទផ្លូវលំ​ នៅភូមិគ្រួស​ សង្កាត់ស្វាយដង្គុំ​ សៀមរាប​ នៅជិត​ អូតែល​ Angkor​ Palace លក់តំលៃ​ 320,000$ សូមទំនាក់ទំនង​មកឥលូវ 077754756 More information is found here Are you coming to Siem Rea? Here are hotels with special deals.